Buttahville Jay

“Buttahville Jay,” legally Jevan Rouzeau, is a Rap and R&B artist hailing from Queens Village (“Shadyville”), NY and was Microfiend’s first recruit after the group decided to expand.

Buttahville Jay is currently working on his debut project, Pedal in Sin, which he describes as a ‘lyrical visual of the good surviving through evil’. Singularly, his most popular track, “Summer Sixteen Freestyle”, has racked up over a quarter of a million plays on Soundcloud. Since joining the group, his hit single “Top of the Globe” featuring M.A.G., a fellow Microfiend member, has caught the eye of a handful of local radio stations including Desert Storm Radio.

He is also not one to shy from live performances. Buttahville Jay has already performed at SOB’s, Starlets Nightclub, Traphouse NYC, Room 105 Lounge, Amazura, RapFest and has even made appearances on live365radio and DTFradio show. If you’ve missed him at any of these places, check him out at one of Microfiend's upcoming shows.

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