Michael Scottie Peguero, widely known as ‘Scottie’, is a Dominican rapper from Brooklyn, NY. Scottie’s work ranges from solo music, to official production. On March 21, 2015, Scottie released,“Official Business”, with leading singles ‘Diamond’ (produced by Scottie), ‘Used To’, and ‘How About Now’. His most recent project, ‘FiendSoul’, was released on February 22nd, 2016. Scottie is also an engineer, a crowning achievement, and is the acting president of Microfiend Entertainment. 

     Microfiend Entertainment is collection of artists, known as, “The Fiends”, who all have their own unique talents, but all specialize in the rap industry. Scottie has been a part of this collective since its start in 2010, and has produced solo and collaborative music under that label.

     Scottie is a lyricist, his songs are all uniquely crafted, and the similarly captivating album art for “23” shows his commitment to all aspects of music production. You can’t look away, and when you listen to the music, it shows that Scottie has a true keen feel, and passion for his art.


I Sip - Official Music Video

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